Terms of Service

1. Introduction

Welcome to SieuMarketing.com.

By accessing our website, you agree to these terms. SieuMarketing.com reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Service at any time. Changes are effective upon posting on the website without prior notice. Your continued use of the website after such changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

Please check back regularly to stay updated on any changes.

2. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

SieuMarketing grants Users the appropriate right to access and use the Services under the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Service. All Content, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos displayed on SieuMarketing.com are the property of SieuMarketing and third-party owners, if any. No one accessing SieuMarketing.com is granted or licensed directly or indirectly to use or copy any content on our website.

By using or accessing the Services, you agree to abide by the provisions of these Terms of Service. You agree not to copy, distribute, reproduce, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, rent, sell, or create derivative works of any portion of our website.

You may not duplicate or modify any part or all of the content of SieuMarketing.com on any server or as part of any other website without prior written consent from SieuMarketing.

Additionally, you agree not to use any robot, spider, or other automated or manual device or process to monitor or copy SieuMarketing Content without prior written consent from SieuMarketing (this consent applies to basic search engine tools on search engine websites that connect users directly to that website).

SieuMarketing does not control and does not warrant or accept responsibility for the suitability, existence, quality, safety, or legality of any products available on SieuMarketing.com.

SieuMarketing is not responsible for any product liability, legal liability, or other liability arising from products or other causes related to laws, legitimate rights, regulations, or other forms of any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages (including any loss of data, service interruption, computer, phone, or other mobile device; loss of use, profit, revenue) arising from or related to the use of the SieuMarketing website or services, including damages arising therefrom, even if SieuMarketing has been advised of the possibility of such damages or has been suggested to be responsible.

Customers have the right to terminate their accounts and/or cease using the service in the event of non-compliance with the service.

3. Account and Security

When visiting our website, customers must ensure they are at least 18 years old, or access under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Customers must ensure they have the legal capacity to perform transactions for the purchase of goods under the current laws of Vietnam.

We will provide an account (Account) for customers to use for shopping on the SieuMarketing.com website within the framework of the Terms and Conditions set forth.

You agree that SieuMarketing has the full right to delete User Accounts and Usernames immediately with or without notice or responsibility to the User or any third party. Grounds for these actions may include:

  • (a) Accounts and Usernames are inactive for an extended period
  • (b) Violation of the terms or spirit of these Terms of Service
  • (c) Unlawful, fraudulent, harassing, invasive, threatening, or abusive behavior
  • (d) Multiple different user accounts
  • (e) Behavior harmful to other Users, third parties, or the economic interests of SieuMarketing

Using the Account for unlawful, fraudulent, harassing, invasive, threatening, or abusive purposes may be reported to the competent state authorities as required by law. Points in the account will also be permanently sealed.

Customers must register an account with accurate information about themselves and must update if any changes occur. Each user is responsible for their password, account, and activities on the website. Furthermore, customers must inform us if their account is accessed unlawfully. We are not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages or losses caused by customer non-compliance or any personal reasons.

You may only use the Service and/or open an Account at SieuMarketing.com if you meet the conditions to accept these Terms of Service. Throughout the registration process, you agree to receive advertising emails and order information notifications from our website.

Our website values the security of information and employs the best measures to protect your information and payment. Your payment information will be encrypted for security. Once you complete the ordering process, you will exit the secure mode.

All transaction information will be kept confidential except when required by law enforcement agencies.

4. Terms of Use

The right to use the SieuMarketing.com website and Services is effective until terminated. The right to use may be terminated under these Terms of Service or in case the Customer violates any term or condition specified in these Terms of Service. In such a case, SieuMarketing may terminate the Customer’s use with or without notice.

Customers agree and acknowledge that SieuMarketing may access, maintain, and disclose Customer Account information in the event of a legal requirement or order from a court or government agency or competent state authority requiring SieuMarketing or other reasons as required by law:

  • Treaty with legal procedures
  • Enforce the Terms of Service
  • Respond to complaints about Content infringing on the rights of third parties
  • Protect the rights, property, or safety of SieuMarketing, Customers, and/or the community.

5. Violation of Terms of Service

Violation of this policy may result in a number of actions, including any or all of the following:

  • Limited use of Account privileges
  • Revocation of reward points
  • Suspension and termination of the Account
  • Recovery of money/property obtained through fraudulent behavior, and related costs such as payment fees…

All final decisions belong to SieuMarketing.com.

6. SieuMarketing Rewards System

Customers can accumulate reward points when purchasing on SieuMarketing.com or through participating in SieuMarketing activities as determined solely by SieuMarketing at any given time. Generally, SieuMarketing’s reward points will be credited to the Customer’s Account upon completion of a transaction or successful activity approved by SieuMarketing. You are eligible to participate in SieuMarketing’s rewards system if you are a Customer and your Account is not excluded from participation.

  • Uncompleted transactions on SieuMarketing.com will not qualify for participation in SieuMarketing’s rewards system. SieuMarketing reserves the right to exclude items not eligible for participation in SieuMarketing’s rewards system.
  • SieuMarketing’s reward points have no monetary value, do not constitute Customer assets, and cannot be purchased, sold, transferred, or converted into cash.
  • Depending on the rules and regulations determined by SieuMarketing, changes and adjustments may be made at any time, subject to SieuMarketing’s sole discretion. Customers may use SieuMarketing’s reward points to deduct from the product price when making purchases on SieuMarketing.com as determined by SieuMarketing at any given time. All refund amounts must comply with the Return and Refund Policy.
  • SieuMarketing’s reward points that you have used will be deducted from your SieuMarketing reward points balance. Each SieuMarketing reward point has a limited usage period.
  • SieuMarketing does not guarantee and does not accept responsibility for fulfilling tax obligations for SieuMarketing’s reward points. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine whether receiving SieuMarketing’s reward points affects your tax obligations.

Within the limits of applicable law, SieuMarketing reserves the right to change or terminate SieuMarketing’s rewards system at any time, and cancel or postpone Customer participation in SieuMarketing’s rewards system, including the ability to obtain or use SieuMarketing’s reward points.

7. Feedback

SieuMarketing always welcomes feedback from Customers to help improve the quality of the Service.

Please see below for SieuMarketing’s feedback process:

  • Feedback must be provided in writing via email or our fan page.
  • All anonymous feedback will not be accepted.
  • Customers involved in feedback will be fully informed and provided the opportunity to improve the situation.
  • Unclear and derogatory feedback will not be accepted.

All website content and customer criticisms are our property. If we discover any fraudulent information, we will immediately block your account or take other measures according to Vietnamese law.

8. Privacy Policy

SieuMarketing values the security of customer information. To protect Customer rights, SieuMarketing provides Account and security terms at SieuMarketing.vn to explain SieuMarketing’s security activities in detail. By using the Service or providing information on the SieuMarketing.com website, Customers:

  • Allow SieuMarketing to collect, use, disclose, and/or process your Content, personal data, and User Information as specified in the Account and security terms
  • Agree and acknowledge that the information provided on the SieuMarketing.com website will be jointly owned by you and SieuMarketing
  • Will not, directly or indirectly, disclose User Information to any third party, or by any means allow any third party to access or use your User Information

9. Ordering and Payment

At various times, SieuMarketing supports one or more payment methods as follows:

  • Payment via E-Wallet
  • Payment via e-wallet is conducted through the third-party online transaction platform. Only available to Customers with accounts of that e-wallet.
  • Payment by Domestic ATM Card – Internet Banking:

Payment by domestic ATM card – internet banking is only available to Customers with domestic ATM cards linked to internet banking (online payment) and does not apply to VISA and Mastercard.

Customers can only change the payment channel before making payment and must comply with SieuMarketing’s payment policy.

SieuMarketing is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred by Customers due to incorrect payment information for orders placed and/or using payment methods not listed above.

We commit to providing the most accurate price information to consumers. However, errors may still occur, such as incorrect product prices displayed on the website or pricing errors. Depending on the case, we will contact to guide or notify the cancellation of that order to the customer. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders, whether confirmed or paid.

We have a trial policy for some products for customers. If you have tried the products and decided to buy, we will not allow returns and refunds for these products.

In case of incorrect information arising from SieuMarketing.com that SieuMarketing.com can prove to be a system error or from a third party (incorrect product price, origin, etc.), SieuMarketing.com will compensate customers with a discount code for subsequent purchases with a value depending on the specific case and have the right not to execute faulty transactions.

SieuMarketing reserves the right to verify the legality of Customer payment methods and suspend transactions until legality is confirmed or cancel related transactions if legality cannot be confirmed.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your orders for any reason related to technical errors, objective system failures at any time.

Additionally, to ensure fairness to customers as the ultimate consumers of SieuMarketing.com, we will also reject orders not intended for personal use, purchases of large quantities, or for resale purposes that are not within the scope permitted or licensed by SieuMarketing.

10. General Provisions

SieuMarketing reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time by posting revised Terms of Service on the SieuMarketing.com website.

Customer’s continued use of the SieuMarketing.com website after the changes are posted constitutes acceptance of the amended Terms of Service.


  1. Exchange for 100% new items for defective products: unable to scan the item code, wrong item code.
  2. Warranty up to 6 months for products.
  3. 100% refund of the order value according to the invoice purchased on SieuMarketing if the product is defective.
  4. Reward points are only valid for purchasing at SieuMarketing.com, not convertible to cash for any reason.
  5. Any misuse of reward points is considered a serious violation of SieuMarketing’s terms and policies. SieuMarketing reserves the right to permanently lock the account and reward points without notice.
  6. Customers are responsible for reporting and cooperating to return SieuMarketing assets when system errors or any incidents occur.
  7. SieuMarketing accounts are not to be used for any form of intermediary buying/selling/exchanging. If discovered, SieuMarketing reserves the right to permanently lock the account and reward points without notice.
  8. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” We have the right to refuse service to anyone – someone we find not to be a polite customer and believe they may affect our real customers.
  9. When customers do not comply with the terms and policies of SieuMarketing.com, we reserve the right to handle the cases as prescribed. Cases not specified in the regulations but affecting SieuMarketing.com will be decided by SieuMarketing.com. All cases do not require notice.
  10. SieuMarketing’s decision is final.