Zalo Ads Service
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Zalo Ads Service

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The Vietnamese social network Zalo, which has gathered an audience of more than 100 million users, offers businesses and advertisers the opportunity to reach their target market through Zalo Ads service. The following provides essential insights into this advertising service.

Businesses and advertisers can showcase their products and services to their desired customer base on Zalo by leveraging the Zalo Ads advertising service, which includes various formats such as images, videos, and interactions.


Offering a platform with over 100 million users, Zalo is an ideal channel for businesses and advertisers to connect with their audience in Vietnam. Here are the advantages of advertising on Zalo.

  1. Reaching Customers on Zalo

As one of Vietnam’s widely-used social networks, particularly amongst the youth, Zalo assists advertisers and businesses in easily accessing their target customer segment.

  1. Enhancing Brand Recognition

Advertising via Zalo enables businesses to enhance their brand visibility, amplifying the presence of their products and services to the consumer.

  1. Increasing Customer Interaction

The platform supports various ad formats, such as images, videos, and interactive posts, facilitating better interaction between businesses and their customers on Zalo.

  1. Cost-Effective

Zalo advertising can be more economical compared to traditional media channels, offering a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  1. Diverse Advertising Options

Offering versatility in advertising forms including images, videos, and interactions, Zalo allows advertisers to choose the format that best aligns with their specific objectives.

  1. Optimizing Advertising Effectiveness

With Zalo, companies can optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns by easily monitoring results and adjusting their strategies accordingly.

  1. Targeting the Right Customers

Zalo’s advertising campaigns permit businesses to identify and reach out to their target audience, enhancing the likelihood of conversions among this group.

  1. Convenient Ad Management Tools

The platform provides a suite of user-friendly ad management tools, empowering businesses to effectively oversee and track their advertising campaigns.

  1. Customer Support

Zalo offers rapid and professional customer support, assisting businesses and advertisers with any issues they encounter swiftly and effectively.

Address challenges related to Zalo advertising campaigns swiftly and effectively.

  1. Employ the Zalo Ads Setup Service from Siêu Marketing

Businesses and advertisers looking to maximize their potential on Zalo and enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns can take advantage of Siêu Marketing‘s Zalo Ads setup services. Leveraging their expertise in digital platforms, Siêu Marketing supports enterprises and advertisers to fully exploit Zalo’s potential, ensuring their products and services reach their target customers efficiently.


What distinguishes the Zalo Ads service at Siêu Marketing?

Understanding the features and advantages of Zalo Ads is critical for optimizing advertising effectiveness. Explore the unique aspects of the Zalo Ads service at Siêu Marketing.

  1. Experience and Expertise

As a leading digital advertising firm in Vietnam, Siêu Marketing brings a wealth of experience and specialized marketing expertise. Their team of passionate and seasoned experts ensures that businesses and advertisers fully utilize Zalo Ads for effectively targeting their audience.

  1. Team of Experienced Specialists

Siêu Marketing’s experienced professionals are committed to optimizing strategies for business and advertisers, ensuring both cost efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, Siêu Marketing guarantees high-quality service and provides solutions tailored to the unique business goals of each client.

  1. Diverse Ad Formats

Zalo Ads offers a variety of advertising formats, including images, videos, and interactive content, allowing businesses and advertisers to choose the option that best suits their objectives.

  1. Targeted Customer Segmentation

Zalo Ads enables advertisers to identify their target audience precisely, increasing the likelihood of conversion among these consumers. Siêu Marketing assists in pinpointing this target demographic and developing appropriate strategies for engagement.

  1. Efficient Ad Campaign Management

The platform offers user-friendly tools that allow effective and easy monitoring and management of ad campaigns. Siêu Marketing additionally provides support in managing and tracking the campaigns on Zalo Ads to optimize results.

  1. Customer Support

Siêu Marketing assures quick and professional customer support, assisting enterprises and advertisers in addressing any issues arising from their Zalo Ads campaigns promptly and effectively. The firm’s team of experts is always ready to provide support and advice.

  1. Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility

With a commitment to offer advertising solutions that align with individual business goals, Siêu Marketing aims to optimize costs while maximizing effectiveness. Additionally, the company promises to provide adaptable marketing strategies to suit various needs.

Efforts are made to cater to the various requests and needs of the clientele.


The service fees are fixed and based on the advertising budget selected by the client. Specifically:

  • For budgets under 30 million/month: 3,000,000 VND
  • For budgets under 100 million/month: 10,000,000 VND
  • For budgets under 500 million/month: 40,000,000 VND
  • For budgets over 500 million/month: 60,000,000 VND

A higher budget entails greater involvement from the experts at Siêu Marketing, who will participate in the project, analyzing and optimizing on a daily and hourly basis.

Service charges are applied at the start of the contract.

* Note for current service users: To top up the advertising budget, clients are advised to contact Siêu Marketing to create an order or they can top up themselves by visiting this link.


Clients should fill out the advertisement information form and send it to Siêu Marketing for dedicated consultancy.

  1. Receiving client requests

Upon the client’s registration for Zalo Ads advertising services at Siêu Marketing, we will receive the client’s requests through various means of communication such as email, phone, or a direct visit to our office.

  1. Analyzing requirements and offering solutions

We analyze the client’s requests after receiving them and propose solutions that meet their business needs and objectives. We discuss these with clients to ensure that the proposed solutions fulfill their requirements and demands to the fullest.

  1. Planning the campaign

After formulating suitable solutions, Siêu Marketing drafts a Zalo Ads campaign plan. This plan includes strategies, target customer demographics, advertising budget, and campaign rollout schedule.

  1. Executing the campaign

Following the planning phase, we proceed to deploy the campaign on Zalo Ads. The operations in this phase cover account setups for advertising, content creation, product and service promotions to the target audience, and tracking the outcomes.

  1. Monitoring and evaluating results

Siêu Marketing monitors and assesses the outcomes post-campaign launch on Zalo Ads. We keep clients updated with performance metrics such as display counts, click-through rates, conversion rates, and costs for clients to evaluate the campaign’s success and amend future strategies accordingly.

  1. Client support after campaign deployment

Even after executing the campaign, Siêu Marketing continues to assist clients by providing advice and addressing any campaign-related inquiries. Should the client wish to alter or tweak their strategy, we collaborate with them to make those adjustments.

In addition, Siêu Marketing also delivers various other services like campaign optimization, market and competitor research, as well as suggestions to enhance Zalo Ads effectiveness.


  1. Is advertising on Zalo Ads effective?

Answer: Zalo Ads advertising offers numerous benefits such as boosting customer interaction, sales increments, heightened brand awareness, and targeted customer outreach. Therefore, it’s very effective if implemented with the correct strategy and target audiences.

  1. How can one optimize advertising costs on Zalo Ads?

Answer: To optimize advertising costs on Zalo Ads, one should…

To harness the potential of Zalo Ads effectively, it’s imperative to devise a sound strategy, accurately identify your target customer segment, set reasonable bid prices for keywords, and utilize high-quality images and content to enhance click-through rates and campaign efficacy.

  1. How do you determine the target customer base on Zalo Ads?

Answer: To pinpoint your target demographic on Zalo Ads, it’s essential to conduct detailed market analysis, understand competitive positioning, and have a keen awareness of your product or service. Following this, employ the tools provided by Zalo Ads to precisely select your target audience based on criteria such as age, gender, location, interests, and online behavior.

  1. How can you measure the effectiveness of advertising on Zalo Ads?

Answer: Measuring ad performance on Zalo Ads necessitates tracking key metrics such as impression counts, click rates, conversion ratios, and costs. Crafting dedicated landing pages can also prove beneficial by guiding customers to your website and facilitating the measurement of your Zalo Ads campaign outcomes.

  1. How can you create high-quality ads on Zalo Ads?

Answer: Crafting high-quality ads on Zalo Ads involves selecting images and content that resonate with and capture the attention of your intended audience. Ensure your content is designed to be straightforward, intelligible, and inspirational. Images should be clear, visually appealing, and pertinent to the message. Additionally, conducting regular tests and updating your ads will help keep your campaign fresh and leave a lasting impression on customers.

  1. How can you enhance customer interaction on Zalo Ads?

Answer: To boost customer engagement on Zalo Ads, it’s crucial to target the correct audience, use high-quality advertising images and content to inspire your audience, and employ an appropriate call to action to prompt customer interaction with your campaign. Utilizing interactive advertising tools, such as direct messaging functions, can also facilitate swift and effective communication with customers.

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