Standee design
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Standee design

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When placing an order, customers select a quantity of 1, which means the customer will receive a complete design of a double-sided standee from Sieu Marketing.

In the event that a customer only requires a single-sided standee design, the price remains unchanged.

Sieu Marketing will design multiple templates, then customers proceed to choose and request revisions.

Customers need to provide more detailed design information so that the Sieu Marketing team can execute it in the best possible way.

  • Business website (or Facebook): ......... (for Sieu Marketing to have a better understanding of the business)
  • Design dimensions: ......... (width x height)
  • Design content: ......... (e.g., create a banner for International Women's Day event, 30% discount on all footwear products)
  • Purpose: ......... (e.g., for printing, for embedding in email marketing...)
  • Color tone: ......... (e.g., match with the business logo colors, provide color codes...)
  • Sample image link: ......... (if the customer likes a specific image on the internet, they can send it to Sieu Marketing, and Sieu Marketing will design something similar based on the customer's desired content)
  • And any other necessary instructions
  • In addition, after receiving the design content information from the customer, the customer can still provide additional information, or Sieu Marketing will contact the customer for further detailed discussion.
Customers will receive the design file upon completion.


Sieu Marketing is always ready to advise and support customers

If you need service advice, please send a message to Sieu Marketing.

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What is Standee?

This is a type of advertising product commonly used in events, fairs, exhibitions, or retail stores. It is a hanging frame with printed advertising information and is usually placed in strategic locations to attract customer attention.

The purpose and importance of Standee in advertising

This is a popular advertising product used in various fields and for different purposes. Below are some common purposes for using standees today:

Using Standees in Events

They are often used to promote a business’s brand at events, exhibitions, fairs, or reality TV programs.

Notably, they can be designed to engage with customers through games or other activities, effectively creating a connection with customers.

Using Standees in Retail Stores

Standees are also frequently used to display products in retail stores. They can be strategically placed to attract customer attention and boost sales, and they can be designed to interact with customers through product information or promotions.

Using Standees in Outdoor Advertising

Standees can also be used in outdoor advertising to capture customer attention on the streets or in public areas.

They are placed strategically and can be designed to attract customer attention through product information or promotional offers.

Using Standees in Online Advertising

Standees can be utilized in a business’s online advertising campaigns and can be designed to be displayed on websites or social media, capturing customer attention and increasing the business’s interaction with customers.

Using Standees in Media

Standees can also be used in a business’s media campaigns, increasing brand recognition and credibility in the eyes of customers.

They can be strategically placed in newspaper articles, magazines, or web pages, grabbing the reader’s attention and increasing interaction with the business.


Standees are an effective and popular advertising product in various fields and for different purposes. Depending on the intended use, businesses should choose a suitable standee design and strategically place it to achieve the highest effectiveness.

Reasons for choosing Standee design services at Sieu Marketing

At Sieu Marketing, we provide professional standee design services, ensuring high effectiveness for our customers. Below are the reasons to convince customers to choose standee design at Sieu Marketing:

Unique and Professional Design

At Sieu Marketing, we have an experienced and talented design team. We commit to creating the most unique and professional standee designs to help customers attract customer attention and increase sales.

High-Quality Products

Product quality is one of the most important factors when choosing standee design services. At Sieu Marketing, we use the latest and most advanced technologies and equipment to create the highest-quality products. Additionally, we constantly research and test the newest materials on the market to provide customers with cutting-edge and beautiful products.

Reasonable Pricing

With premium product quality and services, pricing is always a crucial factor when customers make their product and service choices. At Sieu Marketing, we are committed to providing standee design services at the most reasonable and competitive prices in the market, ensuring high value for customers.

Excellent Customer Care

At Sieu Marketing, we always prioritize customers and are committed to providing the best customer care services. We are always ready to assist customers throughout the design, production, and product delivery process.

We offer design and material options that best suit the needs and budgets of customers. Furthermore, we are always attentive to customer feedback to improve our services.


With the reasons mentioned above, we hope to persuade customers to choose Sieu Marketing as the reliable address for standee design for their businesses. We pledge to provide the best products and services to meet all customer needs and help your business thrive.

Criteria for evaluating the quality of Standee

To ensure that a product captures the attention of customers and achieves marketing objectives, the following criteria need to be evaluated when designing a standee:

1. Effective Message Delivery

It should effectively convey the message clearly and comprehensibly to the customers. A high-quality standee design will have the ability to deliver the message effectively, making it easy for customers to recognize the advertised product or service.

2. Aesthetic and Creative Appeal

The product should possess aesthetic and creative qualities to attract customer attention. A quality standee design will harmoniously combine colors, images, text, and formatting to create an attractive and appealing product.

3. Professionalism and Quality

A quality standee design should demonstrate the professionalism and quality of the business. It should be designed by experienced experts with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the product meets customer requirements.

4. Timeliness and Cost

The standee design needs to be completed on schedule and within the customer’s budget. A quality standee design will ensure that the timing and cost meet customer requirements without compromising product quality.

With these criteria, Sieu Marketing commits to delivering high-quality, creative, and effective product advertisements.

5. Suitability for Intended Use

It is used for various purposes, from product advertising to promotional campaigns, exhibitions, or events. Therefore, standee design needs to be suitable for the customer’s intended use to ensure the highest communication effectiveness.

6. Durability and Material Quality

It should have high durability and quality materials to ensure long-term use and cost savings for customers. A quality standee design will involve careful selection of materials and production technologies to ensure product durability and quality.

7. Flexibility and Portability

It is often used to display in various locations during an event or exhibition. A quality standee design will be highly flexible, easy to move, and install for customer convenience.

In summary, these criteria play a crucial role in the evaluation and selection of a quality standee design. When customers come to Sieu Marketing, we commit to meeting all of these criteria to provide customers with the best possible standee products.

Standee design process at Super Marketing

Step 1: Design Requirements Discussion

Before commencing the design, we will engage in discussions with the client to understand the product requirements, usage purposes, and design preferences. This is an essential step to ensure the product fully meets the client’s needs and desires.

Step 2: Layout Selection and Design

After comprehending the client’s requirements, we will select a layout that suits the product. We have a team of professional and experienced designers to ensure the product achieves the best advertising effectiveness. Clients will be presented with and review the layout before proceeding with printing.

Step 3: Material Selection and Printing

Once the layout is approved, we will choose the materials and proceed with printing the product. We always use high-quality materials and ensure printing meets the standard to make the product beautiful and durable.

Step 4: Inspection and Delivery

Before delivery, we will thoroughly inspect the product to ensure there are no technical errors or mistakes. Afterward, we will deliver and install the product at the client’s requested location.

Types of Standee

There are various types used in advertising and product display, including:

  • Standee pillar: designed as a pillar with a printed advertising board and placed in highly visible locations.
  • Roll-up standee: designed as a roll-up, easily rolled up and portable.
  • Folding standee: designed to fold and stack, saving space and facilitating transportation.
  • Banner standee: made of banner material, can be hung or placed on a stand for display.

Key Features

Standees have distinct features compared to other advertising products, including:

  • Easy to move and set up: Standees are usually designed for easy relocation and installation in different locations, depending on advertising needs.
  • Effective and cost-efficient: Standees can attract customer attention without incurring high costs compared to other advertising products like billboards or public transportation advertising.
  • Conveys advertising messages effectively: Standees are often large and strategically positioned, making it easy for customers to see and understand the advertising message.
  • Easily changeable content: Standees can be designed for easy content changes or replacing printed boards, allowing businesses to alter advertising messages quickly and flexibly.

Advantages of Standees

Standees offer numerous advantages, making them a popular choice in advertising campaigns, including:

  • Easy to move and set up: Standees are designed for easy relocation and installation in various locations, depending on advertising needs.
  • Effective and cost-efficient: Standees can capture customer attention without incurring high costs compared to other advertising products.
  • Facilitates customer interaction: Strategically positioned and large in size, standees make it easy for customers to see and interact with a business’s products or services.
  • Easily changeable content: Standees can be designed for easy content changes or board replacement.

Industries that Super Marketing has provided Standee design services to

Sieu Marketing has been providing standee design services for various industries. Below are some of the industries we have worked with:

Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, standees are used to promote new products, announce promotions, and introduce brands. With creative and eye-catching designs, standees can attract customers and boost sales for fashion stores.

Food and Beverage Industry

Standees are also widely used in the food and beverage industry. They are placed at sales points, supermarkets, and fast-food outlets to introduce new products and special promotions.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry

In the tourism and hospitality industry, standees are used to introduce new travel tours, provide information about hotel services and amenities. Standees are placed at key reception points to attract attention and promote the brand.

Healthcare Industry

Standees are also used in the healthcare industry to introduce new healthcare products and services, promote promotional programs, and training courses. Standees are placed in healthcare facilities, clinics, and other important customer reception areas.

Educational Industry

Standees are also used in the educational industry to introduce new training programs, provide information about events, and scholarship opportunities. They are placed in schools, universities, and other educational institutions to attract the attention of students and parents.

In addition to the above industries, Sieu Marketing also provides standee design services for many other industries such as technology, automotive, transportation services, interior and furniture decoration, and many more. We always strive to meet the standee design needs of our clients and create high-quality, creative, and aesthetically pleasing products.

Frequently asked questions about Standee design services

1. What Are the Different Types of Standees?

Standees come in various types depending on their intended use, size, shape, and manufacturing material. Common types of standees include roll-up, scroll, rectangular, door-shaped, square, triangular, and L-shaped.

2. What Are the Dimensions of Standees?

The dimensions of standees are typically customized based on their intended use and customer requirements. However, standard dimensions for designing roll-up standees are 80cm x 200cm, scroll standees are 85cm x 200cm, and rectangular standees are 60cm x 160cm.

3. How Long Can Standees Be Used?

The lifespan of standees depends on the quality of the materials used and how customers use them. However, high-quality standees that are used correctly can last for many years without damage.

4. In What Events Can Standees Be Used?

Standees can be used in various events such as exhibitions, trade shows, grand openings, or for advertising a company’s products or services. Standees are highly effective advertising tools that capture the attention of customers.

Price list for full-package Standee design services

Sieu Marketing offers professional standee design services with various options for size, materials, and design. Below is the price list for our standee design services:

Vertical Standee Design

Size Material Price
60 x 160 cm Decal PP 700,000 VND
80 x 180 cm Decal PP 1,200,000 VND
100 x 200 cm Decal PP 1,500,000 VND
120 x 200 cm Decal PP 1,800,000 VND

Roll-Up Standee Design

Size Material Price
60 x 160 cm Decal PP 1,200,000 VND
80 x 180 cm Decal PP 1,800,000 VND
100 x 200 cm Decal PP 2,500,000 VND
120 x 200 cm Decal PP 3,000,000 VND

Please note that prices may vary depending on quantity, Standee design requirements, and material. You can contact us to receive a detailed price quote and product consultation.

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