Rename fanpage facebook service

Rename fanpage facebook service

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Please fill in the number of Facebook fanpage links you want to rename = the number of changes you purchase.

Customers will need to add Siêu Marketing’s Facebook account as an administrator of the fanpage for SM to proceed with the name change.

Example of how to write:
→ Change to “Adidas Đẹp Nhất”

Service Details

Service Details

Facebook does not limit the number of times you can rename a fanpage with under 200 likes. However, when the fanpage has more than 200 likes, Facebook will no longer allow you to make changes, and at this point, you will need to use Siêu Marketing’s service to rename it.

No matter what type of Facebook fanpage you have, Siêu Marketing will carry out the renaming according to your preferences.

Completion time: 3 days.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Warranty for 365 days.

Warranty is provided when Facebook reverts the Fanpage name back to its original state. Siêu Marketing will continue to perform the renaming (this case has never occurred).

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I rename my Facebook fanpage without using the service?

Yes, you can rename your Facebook fanpage without the need for a service.

2. Are there any requirements I need to follow when changing the name of my Facebook fanpage?

Facebook requires you to adhere to certain guidelines when renaming your Facebook Page, including ensuring that your name does not violate any Facebook terms, avoiding the use of impersonation or confusion with other brands, and not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

→ Quick Facebook fanpage renaming service

3. What requirements do I need to meet to be allowed to rename a fanpage?

You need to meet certain requirements when renaming your fanpage, including having at least 200 followers, having the current name for at least 7 days, and not changing it too frequently.

4. Can I rename my fanpage to any name I want?

No, the new name of your Facebook Page must comply with the regulations and not violate Facebook’s terms.

5. What information will I lose when changing the name of my fanpage?

When you change the name, you will not lose any information or posts; however, the name will be replaced.

6. How do I rename my Facebook fanpage?

To rename it, you need to access the “Edit Page” section and select “Page Info.” Here, you can make the necessary edits.

→ Siêu Marketing’s Facebook fanpage renaming service

7. Can I change the name of my Facebook fanpage multiple times?

Yes, but Facebook requires you not to change it too frequently.

Contact for Consultation

Contact for Consultation

If you need service advice, please send a message to Sieu Marketing.

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Why did the Facebook fanpage name change fail?

  • Your fanpage has changed its name too many times.
  • The new fanpage name does not comply with Facebook’s name change policies.
  • The new fanpage name has been used before.
  • Your fanpage has many followers or has been verified: If your fanpage has many followers or has been verified, the name change request may be rejected.
  • Your fanpage is under review or has account limitations.

Principles of setting and changing the name of the service’s fanpage

  1. The name must be relevant to the content: It must be relevant to the content, product, or service your fanpage is providing.
  2. The name must not violate intellectual property rights: You must ensure that it does not violate the intellectual property rights of anyone.
  3. The name must not be sensitive or offensive: You should avoid sensitive, offensive, or objectionable language towards others.

→ Register for Facebook fanpage name change service now!

How to know if a page has successfully changed its name after registering for the service?

Steps to check:

  • Login to your Facebook account and go to the page’s Facebook page you want to check.
  • Click on the “About” tab on the page.
  • Scroll down to the “Page Info” section and check if the displayed name matches the new one you set.
  • If the displayed name of the page has been changed to the new one you set, it is a sign that the page has been successfully changed.

4 ways to handle when you can’t change the fanpage name

Check the rules again: Before trying to solve the problem, make sure you understand and fully comply with Facebook’s rules regarding renaming.

Contact Facebook’s support department: If you have checked the rules and still cannot rename the fanpage, contact Facebook’s support department for assistance in resolving this issue.

Try another name: If you cannot rename the fanpage to the desired name, try another name and see if Facebook accepts it.

Create a new fanpage: If there is no other way, you can create a new Facebook Page with the name you desire. However, please note that creating a new page may result in the loss of all your previous likes, reviews, and shares.

Contact Siêu Marketing immediately for quick and effective fanpage renaming services on Facebook.

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