Brand identity design
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Brand identity design

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Từ: 15.000.000 


Sieu Marketing will design multiple templates, then customers proceed to choose and request revisions.

Customers need to provide more detailed design information so that the Sieu Marketing team can execute it in the best possible way.

  • Business website (or Facebook): ......... (for Sieu Marketing to have a better understanding of the business)
  • Design dimensions: ......... (width x height)
  • Design content: ......... (e.g., create a banner for International Women's Day event, 30% discount on all footwear products)
  • Purpose: ......... (e.g., for printing, for embedding in email marketing...)
  • Color tone: ......... (e.g., match with the business logo colors, provide color codes...)
  • Sample image link: ......... (if the customer likes a specific image on the internet, they can send it to Sieu Marketing, and Sieu Marketing will design something similar based on the customer's desired content)
  • And any other necessary instructions
  • In addition, after receiving the design content information from the customer, the customer can still provide additional information, or Sieu Marketing will contact the customer for further detailed discussion.
Customers will receive the design file upon completion.


Sieu Marketing is always ready to advise and support customers

If you need service advice, please send a message to Sieu Marketing.

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What is Brand identity?

Brand identity, also known as brand identity, is a set of elements that an organization uses to identify itself and communicate its brand message to customers. It includes various components such as logo, colors, fonts, images, voice, and other design elements, forming a comprehensive picture of the brand.

Brand identity is not just a simple image or symbol; it also encompasses how an organization uses these elements to create a consistent and unified experience for customers. This helps customers easily recognize and connect with the brand.

Main Elements of Brand Identity

Brand identity comprises several crucial elements:

1. Logo: This is the symbol or image representing the brand. The logo is usually placed in a prominent position on the brand’s items and documents.

2. Colors: The primary brand colors play a significant role in evoking emotions and creating memorability. Each color carries its own message and elicits different emotional responses.

3. Fonts: The type of font used in documents, websites, and other designs is also an essential part of brand identity. It helps create a consistent and recognizable feel.

4. Images: Any images used in the brand’s communications must align with the brand identity and contribute to a complete picture.

5. Voice: How the brand communicates, including language, tonality, and writing style, is also a crucial part of brand identity.

6. Design: Other design elements such as icons, shapes, and other graphic features play a role in creating a distinct identity for the brand.

By combining these elements, brand identity helps build a unique and recognizable image for the brand, fostering a deep connection with customers and creating lasting memories.

Pricing table

Design concepts 2 3
Concepts editing 2 3
Realization time (days) 45 60
Payment terms 100 50 – 50
Brand Identity Guide PDF Yes Yes
Brand Identity Guide Online Yes Yes
– Business cards
– Letterhead
– Envelopes
– File folders
Yes Yes
Employee kit
– Employee ID cards
– Name tags
– Employee T-shirts
– Leather folders
– Notebooks
– Sticky notes
– Water bottles
– Insulated mugs
– Fabric bags
– Stickers
– Ballpoint pens
Yes Yes
Company Profile
– 02 concepts
– 12 content pages
– Content editing
– Image editing as provided
– Layout design
Yes Yes
Sales kit
– Brochure template (8 pages)
– PowerPoint template (8 slides)
– A4 quotation template
– Excel quotation template
– Contract template
No Yes
Social Media kit
– Logo avatar
– Cover photo
– Icons
No Yes
Event branding
– Event invitations
– Event backdrop templates
– Event standees
No Yes
Point of Sale branding
– Banner templates
– Poster templates
– Standee templates
– Storefront signage templates
No Yes
Brand merchandise
– Cups and glasses
– Helmets
– Umbrellas
– T-shirts
No Yes
Outdoor advertising
– Large panel advertising templates
– Pano advertising templates
– Elevator advertising templates
– Bus advertising templates
No Yes

The purpose and importance of Brand identity in advertising

Brand identity plays an incredibly important role in the field of advertising. It is not only a collection of design elements but also a part that aligns with shaping consumer emotions and recognition towards the brand. Below, we will delve into the details of the purpose and significance of brand identity in advertising.

The Purpose of Brand Identity

The primary purpose of brand identity in advertising is to build and reinforce brand recognition in the minds of customers. When a brand has a clear and consistent identity, consumers easily recognize that brand in any situation, including when approached through advertising.

Furthermore, another purpose of brand identity is to evoke emotions and stimulate positive moods in consumers. This plays a crucial role in creating a deep connection and eliciting memories of the brand.

Significance in Advertising

Brand identity plays a crucial role in distinguishing a brand from competitive counterparts. In a competitive market, swift and easy brand recognition is a decisive factor in attracting consumer attention.

Moreover, brand identity helps build trust and confidence from the customer’s end. When a brand demonstrates consistency and professionalism in conveying its message, consumers feel more assured when interacting with and consuming products from that brand.

Simultaneously, brand identity helps create a profound impression and a long-lasting memory in the minds of consumers. Elements such as logos, colors, and fonts often become familiar images and symbols, making it easy for consumers to recall the brand.

In conclusion, brand identity plays a crucial role in establishing, reinforcing, and maintaining brand recognition and connection with consumers in the field of advertising.

Reasons for choosing Brand identity design services at Sieu Marketing

When deciding to design a brand identity for your business, choosing a reliable and experienced partner is extremely important. Super Marketing is one of the leading entities in this field. Below are the reasons why opting for brand identity design services at Super Marketing is a decision you will never regret.

High Expertise and Experience

Super Marketing has over a decade of experience in designing brand identities for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge of the design process and understands how to create a unique brand identity tailored to each business sector.

By combining design finesse with market understanding, we commit to delivering an outstanding brand identity that makes your business stand out in the crowd.

Professional Execution Process

We adhere to a professional execution process from needs analysis to implementation. This ensures that every step in the design process is carried out with discipline and high focus from our team.

In addition, we always ensure the consistency and alignment of the brand identity with your business philosophy. Every element, from the logo to colors and fonts, is carefully reviewed to ensure they accurately reflect the values and mission of the business.

Devotion and Passionate Team

Super Marketing is not just a service provider; it is a team of design enthusiasts and brand passionates. We believe that this dedication and passion are what determine the success of every project.

We commit to walk alongside you in building a strong brand identity, while bringing creativity and continuous improvement to ensure that your brand is always advancing and growing.

With the reasons above, choosing brand identity design services at Super Marketing is a worthwhile investment for the development and success of your business.

Criteria for evaluating the quality of Brand identity

Assessing the quality of a brand identity design is an essential process to ensure it aligns with and adds value to your business. Below are important criteria to consider when evaluating a brand identity design from any service.

1. Consistency

One of the most critical criteria for assessing the quality of a brand identity design is consistency. This includes checking whether design elements such as the logo, colors, fonts, and images are compatible and work harmoniously together. Consistency helps create a strong and memorable impression on customers.

2. Ability to Reflect Brand Values

A brand identity design should accurately reflect the values and principles of the business. The logo, colors, and other design elements should align with the business philosophy and mission of the brand. If the design does not clearly convey this, it can lead to misunderstanding and loss of recognition.

3. Uniqueness and Creativity

The uniqueness and creativity of the design are decisive factors in the brand’s distinctiveness. A unique and creative brand identity will help your brand stand out from competing rivals. It also creates a profound impression and long-lasting memory for customers.

4. Relevance to Target Audience

An excellent brand identity design must resonate with the business’s target audience. The design elements should evoke emotions and connect with the group of people the brand aims to reach. Inappropriateness can lead to a loss of interest and a confused message.

5. Flexibility in Application

Brand identity design should also demonstrate flexibility in application. It should perform well on various platforms and different media, from print to digital. This ensures that your brand will display quality and consistency across all marketing channels.

By examining and evaluating brand identity design against these criteria, you can ensure it will provide long-term value and support the growth of your business.

Brand identity design process at Super Marketing

The brand identity design process at Super Marketing is established with a focus on creating creative solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. Here is an overview of this process:

1. Needs Assessment

First, we engage in a technical discussion with the client to understand their needs, business goals, and core values. We also research the client’s business sector to ensure that the design will be contextually relevant.

2. Market Analysis and Target Audience

After understanding the client’s needs, we conduct market analysis and identify the target audience. This helps in determining market trends, preferences, and consumer requirements, thereby creating a brand identity that is suitable and effective.

3. Research and Concept Development

The next step is research and concept development. The design team at Super Marketing focuses on generating unique and creative ideas, from logo design to color schemes, fonts, and other design elements. We ensure that each concept accurately reflects the brand’s values.

4. Design and Development

Once the concepts are refined, we proceed with the design and development of the brand identity. Design elements are fine-tuned and provided in various variations to ensure they perform well across multiple platforms and media.

5. Evaluation and Adjustment

Before delivering the final product to the client, we conduct final evaluations and adjustments. This ensures that the brand identity functions well, remains consistent, and accurately reflects the brand’s values.

The brand identity design process at Super Marketing ensures that each project is approached with high professionalism and dedication to create outstanding brand solutions.

Types of Brand identity

Brand identity is a crucial part of defining and shaping the image of a business or organization. It encompasses elements such as logo, colors, fonts, images, and the brand’s voice. Below are some common types of brand identities that businesses often use to create strong recognition and maintain a positive impression with customers.

1. Basic Brand Identity

Basic brand identity includes fundamental elements like the logo, primary colors, fonts, and basic images. This forms the foundation for building a brand and creating the initial recognition for customers. The logo is often the representative symbol of the brand and, along with other elements, makes a strong impression.

2. Extended Brand Identity

Extended brand identity includes additional elements such as secondary symbols, expanded imagery, and variations of the main logo. This helps the brand expand and grow, providing flexibility in application across various platforms and media.

3. Standout Brand Identity

Standout brand identity often employs special design elements to stand out and create a strong recognition. This may include using contrasting colors, sharp imagery, and unique graphic elements to make a powerful impression.

4. Sports Brand Identity

Sports brand identity is often designed to fit the sports and entertainment industry. It may include dynamic elements, dynamic imagery, and bold colors to convey dynamism and competitiveness.

These types of brand identities offer diverse options for businesses to choose from, aligning with their industry and goals. Most importantly, regardless of the type chosen, the brand identity must accurately reflect the values and mission of the brand to attract and retain customers.

Industries that Super Marketing has provided Brand identity design services to

The brand identity design service at Super Marketing has made a strong impression in various industries. Below are some industries that Super Marketing has supported and is currently assisting with high-quality brand identity design.

1. Food and Beverage Industry

Super Marketing has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous businesses in the food and beverage industry. We have created brand identities that align with the nature and preferences of each product. From logos to product packaging, we have ensured that our clients’ brands stand out on the shelves.

2. Technical Services Industry

In the technical services industry, professionalism and brand reliability are crucial. Super Marketing has designed brand identities for many technical companies, focusing on conveying professionalism and enhancing customer trust.

3. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

In the healthcare and pharmaceutical fields, trustworthiness and compliance with regulations are essential. Super Marketing has supported healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations in designing brand identities that adhere to regulatory standards and instill trust in patients and customers.

4. Digital Services Industry

In today’s digital age, digital service businesses need to stand out in a highly competitive market. Super Marketing has created creative and effective brand identities for various technology and digital marketing companies, helping them attract and retain customers.

These are just a few examples, and Super Marketing supports many other industries as well. By understanding the specific characteristics and business goals of each industry, we are committed to providing optimal brand solutions for each client.

Frequently asked questions about Brand identity design services

1. What is Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

Brand identity is a collection of elements such as logo, colors, fonts, and images, along with the principles and core values of the business. It helps define and differentiate your brand in the competitive market. Brand identity also creates a memorable and long-lasting recognition in the minds of customers, thereby building trust and loyalty.

2. Why Should You Hire a Brand Identity Design Service?

Hiring a brand identity design service brings several significant benefits. Firstly, experts in this field have in-depth knowledge of the design process and the market. They can advise and create brand solutions that align with your business objectives. Secondly, their expertise ensures that your brand identity will be executed accurately and of high quality.

3. What is the Process of Brand Identity Design?

The process of brand identity design typically involves the following steps:

Needs Assessment: Conversations with the client to understand the goals, values, and business philosophy of the enterprise.

Market Analysis and Target Audience: Research on the market and target audience to identify trends and consumer market demands.

Idea Research and Development: Creating creative and brand-appropriate design ideas.

Design and Development: Executing the design and development of design elements like logos, colors, fonts, images, etc.

Evaluation and Adjustment: Checking and adjusting the brand identity to ensure it functions well and aligns with business goals.

4. How Long Does it Take to Complete a Brand Identity Design Project?

The time required to complete a brand identity design project can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the need for adjustments and development. However, typically, a brand identity design project may take from several weeks to a few months to complete.

These questions help clients gain a better understanding of brand identity design services and how it can support their business. By advising and closely collaborating with clients, Super Marketing is committed to providing the highest quality and most suitable brand solutions.

Price list for full-package Brand identity design services

1. Basic Package

The Basic Package provides fundamental design elements to establish a strong brand identity. It includes:

  • Logo: Unique logo design that aligns with the brand.
  • Main Colors and Fonts: Determining the core color palette and fonts for the brand.
  • Business Card and Letterhead Templates: Creating basic templates for business cards and letterheads.

Price: XXX million VND

2. Extended Package

The Extended Package includes advanced design elements to enhance brand recognition. It includes everything in the Basic Package, plus:

  • Secondary Icon: Creating secondary symbols or icons related to the brand.
  • Basic Product Packaging: Designing simple product packaging templates.
  • Basic Brochures: Creating basic introduction brochure templates.

Price: XXX million VND

3. Premium Package

The Premium Package offers further refinement and deepening of the brand identity. It includes everything in the Extended Package, plus:

  • Logo Variations: Creating logo variations for versatility.
  • Advanced Product Packaging: Designing diverse and impressive product packaging templates.
  • Advanced Brochures: Creating complex and effective brochures.
  • Brand Usage Guidelines: Providing specific guidance on brand usage.

Price: XXX million VND

This price list is for reference only, and prices may vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of each project. We are committed to providing the best-suited brand solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

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